Guide to Repair Priorities

Every reported issue to us is given a priority rating. This indicates the urgency of the repair and the timescales it will be completed in.

Issue Category

Priority Rating

Target Response Time



within 24 hours



within 1 to 7 working days



within 7 to 30 working days



within 30 to 90 working days


Repairs to remedy a defect that does not cause immediate Risk to the Health, Safety or Security of a tenant or a third party and although therefore not an emergency, still needs to be carried out quickly to ensure that the risk does not increase.

Repairs carried out to remedy a defect which can be deferred withut causing discomfort, inconvenience or nuisance to the tenant or a third party or the long term deterioration of the building.


  • Partial loss of electrical power or light
  • Unsaf power, lighting socket or electrical fitting
  • Partial loss of water or gas supply
  • Loss or partial loss of space or water heating
  • Blocked or leaking drains, or soil stack
  • Toilet blocked or not flushing
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin
  • Tap which cannot be turned
  • Leak from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Leaking roof
  • Insecure external window, door or lock
  • Loose or detached stair hand rail
  • Rotten timber fllor or stair tread
  • Door entry phone no working
  • Extractor fan not working in a kitchen or bathroom with no other venting

These include minor problems with toilets, baths, sinks, doors or windows sticking, plaster repairs, brickwork and other non-urgent internal and external repairs.

  • Dripping/ leaking taps or shower units
  • General joinery repairs e.g. floor boards, worktops, internal doors
  • Kitchen fittings
  • Easing of doors and windows and repairs to dooor/window furniture (handled etc.)
  • Plaster work
  • Tiling (including floors)
  • Fencing/ Gates/ Garage door
  • Blocked or broken guttering

Note: If you have an EMERGENCY outside of office hours, a tenant is expected to take remedial action to prevent damage to the property and their personal possessions. Reimbursement of any contractor costs incurred where a tenant has instructed work without prior authorisation will only be considered in cases of genuine emergency for matters which cannot wait. Please be aware that something which although very important to you may not be considered as an emergency.