Report It – Heating

Note: IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY OUTSIDE OF OFFICE HOURS a tenant is expected to take remedial action to prevent damage to the property and their personal possessions. Reimbursement of any contractor costs incurred where a tenant has instructed work without prior authorisation will only be considered in cases of genuine emergency for matters which cannot wait. Please be aware that something which although very important to you may not be considered as an emergency.

Leaks – If the leak cannot be contained and/or it is causing damage to the property (especially if it is penetrating into an electrical fitting) it is classified as an Emergency and it must be reported to us through this system and by telephone as soon as possible.

In those circumstances you should turn the water off immediately using the stopcock. If the leak is coming from the above or adjacent property, you must try to contact those occupants immediately. If they are are not available leave a note to contact you.

Boiler Fault – If you think your boiler isn’t working properly, first check the following:

  • Whether the boiler is turned on.
  • That other gas appliances in the house are working correctly, if not you may need to contact your supplier to see if there is an issue with the mains supply.
  • That the room thermostat and/or timer are set to the correct setting and, if your radiators have individual thermostats, make sure these are turned up.
  • That enough time has passed to heat the water.
  • If you have a pre-paid meter that there is money on the account.
  • The boiler is correctly pressurised, between 1 and 2 bars.

If none of these resolve the issue please report the issue through the system AND contact us by telephone.

Appliance – So that your problem is dealt with as quickly as possible please provide us with as many of the details as possible for the affected appliance. Please include the appliance type, make, model and serial number (if possible). Please also provide an outline of the problem and describe any warning lights or unusual sounds.

Frozen Condensate Pipe -During the very cold spell, the condensate pipe which takes waste water from your boiler to the nearest drain can freeze, if it feeds to an outside drain. This can cause your boiler to stop working. Your boiler may display an error message and will not reset. If your boiler is on the ground floor and your condensate pipe drains to an outside drain it may freeze in below zero temperatures but you should be able to defrost the condensate pipe quite easily. If your boiler is on a higher level it is likely that the condensate pipe will drain internal and it is less likely for it to freeze. If you are unable to find or access your condensate pipe, please report the issue through the system.

No Heating but Hot water working – This is classified as an Emergency and must be reported through this system AND by telephone.