Report It – Internal Floor, Wall & Ceilings

Note: IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY OUTSIDE OF OFFICE HOURS a tenant is expected to take remedial action to prevent damage to the property and their personal possessions. Reimbursement of any contractor costs incurred where a tenant has instructed work without prior authorisation will only be considered in cases of genuine emergency for matters which cannot wait. Please be aware that something which although very important to you may not be considered as an emergency.

Mould – If the mould is similar to the one shown in this picture then the problem is almost certainly due to condensation. Small patches of mould can be wiped off but please report larger patches or problems.

If the mould has arisen due to condensation and that condensation has been caused by your actions such as drying clothes indoors without adequate ventilation (the drying of clothes indoors can produce up to 8 pints of water in a day) or blocking off an air brick, then remedying the issues caused by the condensation are considered  your responsibility.  Please view the video below which gives advice on how to deal with condensation in the home.

Please explain the problem in as much detail as possible and provide details of which room or rooms are affected, when the problem was first noticed and how frequent the problem is.