Report It – Lighting

Note: IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY OUTSIDE OF OFFICE HOURS a tenant is expected to take remedial action to prevent damage to the property and their personal possessions. Reimbursement of any contractor costs incurred where a tenant has instructed work without prior authorisation will only be considered in cases of genuine emergency for matters which cannot wait. Please be aware that something which although very important to you may not be considered as an emergency.

Light Bulbs – The replacement of light bulbs is often an occupier’s responsibility, Please check the terms of your agreement to identify who is responsible for replacing light bulbs in your property. This includes spot lighting, strip lighting, under counter lighting and low level outdoor lighting. Please explain what the problem is and item(s) affected in as much detail as possible. e.g type and size of bulb, screw cap/bayonet cap, standard, compact, LED, halogen etc.